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Jaguar Mk IX Saloon

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Jaguar Mk IX Saloon

Now often fondly remembered as the last of the "Battleship" Jaguars, the powerful and luxurious Mark IX saloon was launched in October 1958 to replace the Mark VIII, although in the end this did not actually finish its production run until October 1959, thereby overlapping the Mark IX by a full year. Outwardly similar (apart from very minor trim changes) to the Mark VIII, the Mark IX was to become the last Jaguar saloon to use a separate chassis.

Mechanical differences over the already powerful Mark VIII included replacing the 3.4 litre version of the twin overhead camshaft XK engine with a 3.8 litre version which produced 220bhp. Power steering was fitted as standard to the Mark IX as were four wheel disc brakes with servo assistance. Like the Jaguar Mk V, VII, & VIII saloons (there was no Mark VI) that came before it, the interior of the Mark IX was exceptionally well appointed. High quality leather seating, comprehensive instrumentation, walnut fascia panels, door cappings, and picnic tables which folded down from the rear seats were all standard equipment. The Mark IX ended production in September 1961 when it was replaced with the all new, very sleek looking Mark X in October of the same year.




Mk IX Saloon

Years Produced


Body Type

4 door saloon, steel chassis & body


16ft 4in


6ft 1in




3781cc 6 cylinder inline, twin ohc


220 bhp @ 5500 rpm


240lb ft @ 3000 rpm


4 speed manual with synchro on 2nd, 3rd and top. Optional overdrive or automatic

Driven Wheels



Servo assisted discs all round

Front Suspension

Independent by torsion bar & wishbone, anti-roll bar

Rear Suspension

Leaf spring, live axle




Mk IX Saloon

Top Speed

114 mph

0-60 mph

11.2 seconds

Fuel Consumption

15 mpg approx


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