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Morris Mini Minor & Austin Seven (850 Mk1)

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Austin Seven - Mini Mk 1

This first Mini was launched in August 1959, and was available as a Morris (Morris Mini Minor), or as an Austin (Austin seven). While both cars were essentially the same model they each featured their own badging and individual front grilles. These two door, four seater saloons were powered by the BMC A series engine in 848cc form mounted transversely at the front, and driving the front wheels through an integral gearbox housed in the sump casting of the engine. A deluxe model of the Mini was also available, and this featured opening front hinged rear quarter windows and an adjustable front passenger seat. In 1960 an estate version (Morris Mini Traveller or Austin Mini Countryman) joined the range, with a pick-up version following in 1961. Minor changes continued to be made throughout its production, and these included the fitting of a three gauge instrument panel to the deluxe versions, improved cooling fans, and most notably in 1964 the rubber cone suspension was replaced by a hydrolastic system as used on the BMC 1100 range of cars. An automatic version of the Mini arrived in 1965. The Mk 1 Mini was replaced by the Mk II in 1967.




Mini 850 Mk 1

Years Produced


Body Type

2 door saloon, all steel body, mounted on steel front & rear subframes


10ft 0.25in


4ft 7in




BMC A series 848cc 4 cylinder inline (mounted transversely)


34 bhp @ 5500 rpm


44lb ft @ 2900 rpm


4 speed manual with synchro on 2nd, 3rd and top

Driven Wheels



Drums front & rear

Front Suspension

Independent by rubber cone until 1965, then hydrolastic

Rear Suspension

Independent by rubber cone until 1965, then hydrolastic




Mini 850 Mk 1

Top Speed

75 mph

0-60 mph

29.7 seconds

Fuel Consumption

40 mpg approx


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