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Jensen FF

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Jensen FF

The Jensen FF was launched at the 1966 Earls Court motor show at the same time as the Interceptor. Although both models were similar in appearance to each other, there were significant differences between them with a lot of the bodywork being unique to each car. The FF front wings were longer and had double air vents fitted to them (as opposed to the Interceptors one), and the FF bonnet had an air scoop incorporated in it, but the main difference between the two cars was mechanical. The FF was a technically very advanced car for its day and was the first British car to feature permanent 4-wheel drive and anti-lock braking. Prior to being fitted to the FF anti-lock brakes had only been used on aircraft to enable them to stop more safely on shorter runways. The Maxaret system used on the FF was developed by Dunlop and used electronic sensors on the wheels to eliminate the brakes locking. Harry Ferguson, a tractor manufacturer developed the four-wheel drive system, and this is where the FF name originated - it stood for Ferguson Formula. Despite being voted car of the year in 1967 by Car magazine, the FF did not sell in great numbers partly due to the fact that it cost approximately 33% more than the interceptor and also export sales were low as it was only available as a right hand drive model due to the layout of four wheel drive transmission. Minor changes were made during the life of the car and production ended in 1971.





Years Produced


Body Type

2 door, all steel unitary construction


15ft 11in


5ft 10in




V8 6276cc


330 bhp @ 4600 rpm


425lb ft @ 2800 rpm


3 speed automatic

Driven Wheels

4-wheel drive


Dunlop Maxaret anti lock Discs brakes

Front Suspension

Independent coils spring and wishbone

Rear Suspension

Leaf Spring, live axle


Performance (approximate figures)



Top Speed

137 mph

0-60 mph

8.0 seconds

Fuel Consumption

11 mpg approx


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